Alabama BMX tracks

Circle City BMX – Dothan, Al.

Circle City BMX is located in Dothan Alabama inside of Westgate Park Complex. Circle City is a part of the American Bicycle Association (ABA), and has been locted in Dothan, AL since the 1984. The track is opertated by the non-profit organization Circle City BMX. Circle City BMX operates eleven months out of the year. It also is know as the fastest track in Alabama.

Fountain City BMX – Prattville, AL.

Oak Mountain BMX – Pelham, Al.

Oak Mountain BMX track has been around since the late 70’s to early 80’s. We are at our 3rd location inside Oak Mountain State Park, located in Pelham, Alabama. Many riders and years have passed through this tracks long history. But it always holds true that it takes people and the love of BMX racing to make a track stand tall and last for many years. This track is the oldest continuously running track in the former NBL and thanks to great parents and riders we will continue this great tradition with USABMX. The season looks to be great for BMX with the merger of sanctions into largest BMX organization in the world called USA BMX. Our normal season runs from late February to the first of December. If you are new to the sport of BMX racing come-out and watch the Best in BMX with “old school” tradition. We offer a great family oriented sport that leaves no one on the sideline. If you can ride a bicycle you can race BMX. For more information about BMX please go to the “Start Racing” tab. Again thanks and we will see yah at the races!!!

Weaver BMX – Al.